[Ixion] Awards

Ixion Awards
Awards given at the Ixion trackday for services to Ixion during the year.
Spirit of Ixion
Spirit of Ixion 2009Mike Cater
2008Oli Howson
2007John K Bilsbury
2006John Greystrong
2005Gordon Brown
2004Stuart Duckworth
2002Richard Moore
2001Jeff Wain
2000Adam Curtin
1999not awarded
1998Malcolm Jackson
1997Russell Brown
Jeff Wain Memorial
Jeff Wain Memorial 2009Hoddy
2008Not Awarded (no-one funny enough)
2007Nick Davies
2006Andy Cannon
2005Iain Lowe
2004John Greystrong
2003Adam Curtin
2002Robert Cameron
-2001unnecessary :-(
Ixion@Cadwell Awards
Awards given at the Ixion trackday for performances during the event. The first one is serious, the others aren't. That doesn't mean they aren't cherished by the winners though :-)
Rider of the Event
Rider of the Event 2009Mike Newton
2008Zae Stevens
2007Nick Reynolds
2006Katie Chandler
2005Simon Mason
2004Alice Thornley
2003Becky Willis
2002Chris Webb
2000David Sharp (Druid)
1999not awarded
1998Sol & JaseDaRace
1997Simon Milward
PYB 2009Stuart Hill
2008Robert Cameron
2007Richard Browning
2006Paul Whitby & Cherie Christian
2005Jon Davies
2004James Dening
2003Mark Townsend
2002Sarah Walters
2000Henry Cooke-Smith
1999not awarded
1997Helen Pressler ("Bright Spark")
RTB 2009Keith Bennett (marvin), Neil Harvey (Nogger), Stuart Hill, Peter Hill
2008Ian Nichols
2007Neil Harvey (Nogger)
2006Bex de Raeve
2005Katrina Smith
2004Jase da Race
2003Paul Willis
2002James de Raeve
2000Jo Smith
Jammy Git
Jammy Git 2009David & Katie Sharp (Druid/ess)
2008Paul Willis
2007Liam Drew
2006Paul Pickerill
2005Simon Crouch (Fizzy)
2004Fong & Chas
2002Mel Reed
2001Steve Waghorn
2000Adam Curtin
1999not awarded
1997Paul Pickerill
SQUID 2009Alex Gledhill
2008Russell Brown
2007Mark Fuller
2006Norman Driskell
2005Mike Newton
2004David Sharp (Druid)
2003Robin Maytum
2002Paul Satterley
2000Gary Dickson
1999not awarded
1998Simon Milward
1997Chris Webb

Organiser of the Decade
Organiser of the Decade 2006Russell Brown