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How do I join MAG/BMF etc?


British Motorcycle Federation (riders rights group with a more gentlemanly image). (Doesn't matter what type you are though)

14 - 16 Briton Street

Tel: 0116 254 8818    Fax: 0116 254 3030 


Motorcycle Action Group (riders rights group with a more hairy bikerish image) (Doesn't matter what type you are though).

MAG Central Office,
PO Box 750,
CV21 3ZR 

Tel: 0870 - 444 8 448

Both charge about 12-15 per year, offer joint membership (two members getting one copy of magazine etc. at one address) at less than double the single member rate, and you can probably get discounts on stuff to repay the membership fees if you really care how much it costs to protect your biking future...

I am not going to tell you to join, but at least think about this: if others had not done so, you would ALREADY probably be suffering from leg protectors, two stage licences (I know one proud CB750 owner who'd be stuck on a weedy 35bhp 400cc bike for at least one more year:-) and who knows what else. Plus trivia like, you'd be banned from P& O Ferries if you bike was 5 years old or more...

You can now also join both organisations by phone or via the internet so even if you are a lazy git like me, there's no excuse.

(More than) nuff sed!

NB: FEM (Federation of European Motorcyclists) are a bunch of noble knights fighting for our cause in Europe. THEY DO NOT TAKE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP these days - they take club memberships only, coordinate MAG/BMF type clubs all over Europe, find out what devilish work the Eurocrats are up to and generally chat up Euro-MPs (who take them seriously).

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