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This site attempts to save Ixion getting repepepetitititititive. It's a compilation of intelligent (?) answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and also contains some other useful nuggets of wisdom.
This site was revised 04/01/05
Check each page individually. (Some are more up to date than others)
The FAQ is maintained by Andy Cannon (faq@ixion.org.uk) all corrections/additions should be mailed to him. A .zip file (200k) of the entire FAQ is available to download (without images to save bandwidth) Click here. The archive was last updated 04/01/05

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Mailing List/Internet
Riding Bikes
Technical Stuff
Bike Clothes

and some useful numbers

Mailing List/Internet

  1. What's Ixion?
  2. Who's Ogri?
  3. Can I search the Ixion archive?
  4. What kind of stuff should I e-mail?
  5. What is the DoD?
  6. What kind of movies should I watch?
  7. What other biking archives and mailing lists are there?
  8. What are all these spoddy three-letter acronyms that I keep seeing?  **Warning - Contains the odd sweary word**
  9. How can I make an Ixion Logo?
  10. How can I let someone know about my event or find out about an event I heard about on Ixion?

Riding Bikes

  1. Are earplugs worth it?
  2. What kind of bike should I get?
  3. What kind of intercoms should I get?
  4. Where can I hire bikes?
  5. Can anyone recommend a decent insurance co.?
  6. How do I deal with steamy visors?
  7. What's this about patch clubs/MC/MCC?
  8. Are the Hell's Angels a misunderstood minority and really quite nice after all?
  9. What's countersteering?
  10. Aren't motorcycles dangerous?
  11. Are power limits A Good Thing?
  12. How do you ride in heavy gusts?
  13. How do I stop the sun getting in my eyes?
  14. How should I pass horses?
  15. How do you do an emergency stop for the bike test?
  16. Does stopping distance increase with a pillion?
  17. How are you supposed to filter?
  18. How are you supposed to filter on the motorway?
  19. How can I corner like a real hero?
  20. How can I overtake like a real hero?
  21. How can I ride safely in London?
  22. How can I avoid running pedestrians over?
  23. How can I keep my hands warm in ultra-cold weather?
  24. How do I join MAG/BMF etc?
  25. How do I spot an ex-racer?
  26. Trackdays. A Good Thing(tm) or not?
  27. How can I prevent my gear being stolen at Rallies?
  28. How do I do low speed "Full Lock" turns?
  29. What should I do in the event of a crash?
  30. A fat IAM observer muses on riding Systems.

Technical Stuff

  1. What's all this 10W-40, SG stuff about oil?
  2. Is it OK to use cheap oil?
  3. Do I need to set the gap on my new sparkplugs?
  4. How can I tell a drive chain is knackered?
  5. How do I sort out a sheared bolt?
  6. Are Scotoilers really that wonderful?
  7. How should I warm up my engine?
  8. How do I sort out a dented tank?
  9. How do I deal with pitted forks?
  10. How do I keep my bike clean?
  11. How do I tackle chains and sprockets?
  12. What's the difference between o-ring and normal chains?
  13. What sort of tools should I go for?
  14. Is that magic additive which prolongs battery life A Good Thing?
  15. How do I put new piston rings on two-strokes?
  16. Any tips for truing spokes?
  17. How do I get my new handlebar grips on?
  18. How do I go about cleaning air-filters?
  19. How do I sort out binding brakes?
  20. What's a good way of oiling my cables?
  21. How do I sort out damaged plastic?
  22. I think my coils are kaput. What's gone wrong?
  23. I've spent lots of money on an electronic ignition. How do I set up the timing?
  24. How can I tell if more powerful lights on my bike will fry my wiring?
  25. How can I tell my starter motor rather than my battery is duff?
  26. Any advice/do's/don'ts on removing old bearings, fitting new ones?
  27. My Suzuki regulator/rectifier unit has fried itself. How do I fix it?
  28. How do wet clutches work?
  29. How do I fault find my electrics?
  30. What is likely to be the cause of a bike not revving out?

Bike Clothes

See Gordon Brown's Great Ixion Product Test for a selection of reviews voluntarily submitted by Ixies. 

  1. What kind of boots should I get?
  2. What sort of motorcycle clothing is there?
  3. How do I treat leathers?
  4. What kind of gloves do you recommend?
  5. What kind of waterproofs are worth it?
  6. What kind of armour is there?
  7. What about Kevlar® instead of leather?
  8. How can I get scratches out of my visor?

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Acknowledgements go to Neil The Gay Pirate, Crispin Driver, Paul Hounslow, Buzz and all the previous maintainers of the FAQ.
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