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What kind of movies should I watch?

I seem to remember having a good chuckle at "Psychomania".
"Electroglide in Blue" was good, if you like that sort of thing.
Best sequence, has to be the opening titles to "Lawrence of Arabia", with the rider going through the familiar starting ritual on his Brough.
Anyone else out there seen 'Streets of Fire'; has some powder-keg lines:-

"How you gonna stop them? They got bikes!" (or something) "Bikes don't run too good when you shoot them full of holes"

And he goes on to do just that, the b*s*a*d, though at least they go out in style with loads of explosions and such.

It has one of the best openings I've seen in a film as the bike gang kidnaps the lead singer of the band during the gig. The bike stunts as the cops arrive and immediately roll their car is brill, and the scene near the end as about a hundred leather-clad meanies roll up on bikes is awesome. Great music too.

>  Eventually got home &  watched 'Masters of Menace', extremely righteous but very funny.
Hmmm... what about 'I bought a vampire motorcycle' - a modern classic (aka Boon on acid). Surely the only film to feature both Michael Elphick and a talking turd (writes Barry Norman).
On the video theme started today, did anyone see "I bought a Vampire Motorcycle" ?? It's a scream. Well worth a hire (or two!)

As well as biker fillums, what about bike chase sequences? Eg. the end of Coogan's Bluff, where Clint (cowboy hat) Eastwood chases a baddie at extremely low speed round a deserted NYC park, both on Triumph twins (I trow).

Clint's been involved in a couple of bike chase bits in his films... I also seem to remember a Dirty Harry sequel where he (?) rides a trail bike over a load of traffic

Out of the Blue

Dennis Hopper, Can., 1980

Linda Manz, Dennis Hopper, Raymond Burr (18).

> From the horrific opening moments as truck driver Hopper drunk at the wheel ploughs into a packed school bus, you know you're in for an extreme experience. Under Hopper's direction Manz is senstational as a punk child obsessed by the deaths of her idols Elvis Presley and Sid Vicious, and occupied by impassively observing small town life, with her Mom a junkie and Pop an incestuous paedophile. If ever there was a nihilistic movie about sex & drugs & rock n roll, this is it.

The Wild Angels

Roger Corman US 1966

Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra, Bruce Dern (18)

... we are back in the world of motorcycle gangs, Nazi orientated yet totally anarchical, a society with nowhere but hell to go. ... One or two scenes are unforgettable; the death of the aptly named "Loser" after being "rescued" from hospital, his funeral procession moving through the main streets, populated by frightened young locals...

Satan's Sadists

Drug crazed, lowdown and vicious, SATAN'S SADISTS is the most bad-ass biker epic ever. The ads wailed "Human garbage in the sickest love parties!" With Regina Carroll as the Freak-Out Girl and Russ (Twin Peaks) Tamblyn as an evil psychotic biker on an unstoppable binge of bikes, drugs and vile behaviour. Definitely not for the squeamish. Gross and shocking.

You know, I think bikers have an image problem :-)



Watch a video last night entitled "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man". Entertaining cross between "The Wild One", "Easy Rider" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Lots of gratuitous yet humorous violence. Some good bike scenes eg shooting a sick kawasaki to put it out of its misery, giving the finger to a bike cop from a wheelying harley chop, the "he took my woman, I'll take his bike" line, and the final scene to which I could only say "in your dreams!". Also entertaining for anyone who knows anyone who wears tatty old cowboy boots.

If you see it in your video store, watch it.

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