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How do I sort out a dented tank?

How the hell do you get dents out of petrol tanks??

And, how can you get rid of the rust inside it?

Traditional methods:

  1. Insert inner tube in tank. Inflate. If possible strap tie-downs around tank to prevent it bulging in the wrong places.
  2. Cut open base of tank, bash with hammer, reweld (careful about residual fuel vapour - best to fill with water BEFORE cutting.
  3. Fill dent with plastic padding or whatever.
  4. Send it to Dream Machine with c #80 - they did a superb job on a completely squashed Le Mans tank for a friend.

For the rust, fill it with ball bearings or gravel, and shake for a while. Be very careful to rinse all the loose rust and/or rock dust afterwards, and use an in-line fuel filter just in case.

This page last updated 18/09/02
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