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How do I pass horses?

The correct way to deal with Equine traffic is to approach from behind, close the throttle, pull the clutch in at a safe distance, and coast past at just over walking pace, giving the horse and rider plenty of space.

As you pass the rider will probably take a hand off the reigns to give a cheery wave in acknowledgement of your consideration, _this_ is your cue to drop two (or more) gears, wind the loud handle fully open, flip the kill switch a couple of times, and enjoy the impromptu Rodeo taking place in your rear view mirrors as you accelerate safely _out_ of the danger zone well clear of flying hooves...

Extra points are awarded if you're being tailgated by a 4x4 with a "Countryside Alliance", BAFS, CPRE, or "Show Llama's in Transit" sticker in the window and you manage to get the horse onto the bonnet :-)

[1] Race pipe recommended for full effect

J "I change down for horses" G

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