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How do I deal with steamy visors?

1) Fog City

The Fog City is like secondary glazing for your visor. Fitted properly lot's of people on the list rate them highly. One regular user has noticed a drop in the quality of the glue on the standard model recently. This leads to the thing coming loose and losing some of it's effectiveness. The Proshield has stronger glue to allow fixing to coated visors and reportedly this works better - Though it is more expensive. Fitting is not overly tricky but ensure you get the right one for your visor -

Fog CityŽ Fog Shield - Full face helmets (Shoei not recommended).
Fog CityŽ ProShield - All full face helmets *including Shoei
Tinted Fog CityŽ Fog Shield - Full face helmets: 98% UV protection
Fog CityŽ Fog Thing - All major goggle brands (3 per package)
Fog CityŽ Fog Shield for ARAI - Arai helmets: brow vented visors
Tinted Fog CityŽ Fog Shield for ARAI - Arai helmets: brow vented visors

The differences are to allow for the double curvature and coatings of some visors.

Tints are either yellow, for bad visibility conditions, or smoked. More details can be found at the Fog City Website. (Thanks to JeZ for the URL).

Other Comments

John - "I've been using them for about 80000miles now and have got through about 10 of the things. In the beginning they were marvelous, stuck first time and did a grand job at keeping the misting off. However things appear to have changed. Since they've brought out their 'Proshield' (the one for sticking on double curvature visors or those with an internal coating, it's got stickier glue) the glue in the normal ones has got a lot less sticky. I've lost two of the normal ones now and am reduced to spending 17quid for the Proshield version. The anti-misting stuff appears to be worse as well or my helmet has got less circulation."
"They are still the best thing I've found though."
Graham - "I have a clear one in both me visors, although on cold days there is still some problem with fogging while stuck in traffic jams, at lights etc. I have found them much better than gloop which I never really got on terms with."
Simon (otherwise known as Fizzy Orange) - "They are not recommended for use at night as they can give double images, but people I've spoken to say this isn't a serious problem and is simply the manufacturer covering themselves. This is all hear-say as I've never used one myself. Elvis the racer reckons they're worth at least a second a lap on a misty day"
Ben - "But apart from that the FAQ entry on Fog City can be just two words: BUY ONE! They're the canine pet's reproductive glands."
Andy G - "The yellow tint works exceptionally well"... "It substantially increases detail, at the slight loss of a little contrast...but the whole view is much clearer especially in difficult weather such as rain and fog."
Kevin - "They are absolutely superb and everyone should get them, I've had no problems with the glue coming unstuck like some people have said and the mist prevention is top notch."
Craig - "I'd just like to point out that according to Mr Fog City at the NEC _NONE_ of the Fog City range fit the aftermarket tinted or coloured visors that fit the AGV ranges, something to them being race spec and being too flat. Anyway I've tried all the Fog City range and none of them worked so there you go my yellow visor is reduced to summer use only."
Dave - "But *don't* buy the PInLock one"... "if you do the water runs straight down between the visor and the FogCity, takes grit with it and buggers both of 'em!"... "Attractive proposition, 'cos it fits without glue, to two small plastic pins (sorta like pop rivets) that you stick thru holes you drill in the visor. Therefore, being a snap fit to the pins (PinLock), you can change just the FogCity, rather than the whole visor."

2) Gloop

This is the high tech version of the washing up liquid trick detailed below. Gloop is smeared onto the visor, allowed to dry and then gently polished till it's clear. The coating does wear off and can get smudged by touching it - especially with oily gloves. Some people swear by it and some reckon it's next to useless. The advocates of gloop generally think the people who don't rate it didn't apply it properly. It is a bit of an art. There are other products available that you apply in a similar way (Frank Thomas Anti-mist etc) but Gloop appears to be the most popular on the list.

3) Heated Visors

From: Miles Wilkins

I believe that these are available on the continent for lids other than BMW - but in this green and pleasant land they are illegal because they don't have the BS4110ZA anti-scratch number on; despite the fact that they'd be easier to see through than a standard visor in winter!

4) Washing Up liquid

Anonymous - Don't know who actually wrote this but it's an old trick that's been around a while. Still works though.

I use washing up liquid and it seems to work. Method is: Take tissue (man size) and apply neat liquid. Rub all over both sides of visor. The result is a sqidgy mess of liquid and crud. Soak tissue in warm water. Polish up visor (both sides) with soggy tissue, taking care to avoid streaking (!). That is, the last few strokes should be straight from top to bottom to avoid sqiggly smears. Don't wipe the visor clean because the water should evaporate off leaving a thin film of detergent to repel mist.


anyway, it works for me.

5) Bob Heath Demister Spray

From: Andy Cannon

I've been using this for years and it works very well, especially if you apply several coats. It does wash off when the inside of the visor gets wet.

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