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How do I treat leathers?

Advice handed to me about leather care. It seems to work for me, but if you wreck your gear I will deny all responsibility!
use a leather food if it gets at all dry. May well be dry from being in a showroom. Don't bother with 'waterproofing' stuff (e.g. Nikwax), as (a) if you want them to last, you should really wear waterproofs in the wet anyway, (b) if the waterproofing is any good, it will 'seal' the leather and you can't feed it properly after that, and (c) well conditioned leather repels a bit of moisture anyway
If you are going to wear your leathers in the rain without waterproofs, then you will probably want to use Nikwax or a similar waterproofer. This is not best but better than getting the leather soaked! Some people reckon Nikwax rots the stitching; others say it only does this if you put it onto damp leather, as it then seals the moisture in which is a very bad idea... the latter opinion makes most sense to me.
these take a lot of stick, so need some heavy duty stuff on them! When new, put on lots of LIQUID Nikwax. Put on a little at a time, leaving for a fw hours between. Keep going until the leather won't soak up any more. Then let them dry off a bit (till the surface isn't "wet"), and give them a good coat of SOLID Nikwax. Periodically go over again with the solid Nikwax - 2 or 3 times per winter maybe. Don't use liquid Nikwax again, as this softens the leather, which isn't desirable for boots. (not repeatedly).
This will make the boots look a bit scabby, but they should repel just about anything, so long at the stitching holds up! Stitching will stretch eventually, and solid Nikwax can seal it quite well, but won't be perfect on old boots.
For 'flash' race boots (well they're mostly non-leather these days anyway), I wouldn't do this, for apperance sake! I'd probably use a light coat of liquid Nikwax infrequently.
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This is what "What Bike?" reckon you should do with your leathers... Leather garments claiming to be waterproof have a water resistant membrane between leather and lining. The leather outer will still get wet and needs the same treatment os ordinary leather gear.


Soap (to clean jackets and gloves)

Dressings (to preserve jackets and gloves) Waterproofers (mainly for boots) Boot Polish NOTES

They tested everything they knew about, which is most definitely not everything on the market (I've seen a few bottles of stuff they didn't mention).

Testing was done by a female, who seemed to want everything to look shiny, which is probably what a lot of bikers do not want!

The Nikwax stuff seems to be much more widely available than anything else.

I can remember seeing a bottle of Neatsfoot liquid somewhere and there was a bigwarning on the battle that you should net let it come into contact with your skin/eyes/etc. Sounds like nasty stuff.

happy cleaning,

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