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How can I prevent my gear being stolen at Rallies?

>That year I was at the BMF on the Nordwest I had my 
>wallet nicked out of my tent. The mobile phone had 
>been switched on, looked at and then chucked up
>the back of the tent, my leathers were obviously deemed 
>to 'used' to be worth nicking, likewise the helmet. 
>The rucksack had been rifled through, but nothing 
>really worth nicking in there.

Sounds like its time to buy a PACSAFE. This is basically a Steel mesh Cargo net that padlocks to anything solid ie: the crashbars on my Legend at Faro this year. This will put off most Scrotes as it is a fairly tough item. If you buy the large one its just right for putting over 2 Ventura bags and locking to the Rack. This enables you you to leave your bike to go to the Bog or whatever and still have your Digital camera GPS and other goodies still in your bags.

They cost about 45 quid but when you add up the cost of replacing the gear in your bag its cheap - have a nosey at http://www.pac-safe.com/

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