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Any advice/do's/dont's on removing old bearings, fitting new ones?


make sure you have any and all retaining clips out before driving it out. Try and drive it out straight. Try not to hit the housing.


Make sure you have the same number of seals on the new bearings as you ought to have. Find a bit of tube which will rest evenly on the outer race not on the inner to use as a drift. Use the biggest hammer you can find and "tap" with it. The momentum of the hammer does all the work. Remember to put all your circlips and dustseals etc back in the right order.

Bronze bearings are different of course.....


And so are some other bearings. On some, there is not enough meat behind the bearing to take even a "gentle" hammer blow. Harley Evo gearbox main bearings are a case in point.


In this case it is probably better to either fork out for the pukka bearing tool or make up a simple puller. And guess which is cheaper. A simple puller can also be used to extract bearings, remove and replace bushes and gudgeon pins. Just use a bit of care and common when using them to ensure that you are pulling straight.

See Fig1 and Fig2 for details

John Warr

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