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Are Scotoilers really that wonderful? Yes.

Hi All,

Taranis wanted info on Scottoiler - they are a Glasgow-based company. I visited their factory in Milngavie a few weeks back to get some extra tubing as mine slipped onto the exhaust after I fiddled with it (phnarr). There was a big ZZR1100 and a nice BMW75S parked outside, belonging to some of the staff. The boss is a dead keen biker (his was the ZZR) - wanted to know what I thought of my GPZ, what was next, etc, etc and he threw in a few connectors and fitting instructions for nowt. I was impressed by their setup.

Course, the fact that they're from Glasgow should be recommendation enough... :)

If Taranis (or anyone else) wants details, they are on +44(0)141- 955- 1100

On another note, a rider in Belfast told me he'd bought a litre of Scottoil (#8.50 a shot!) but he'd only needed half of that in 20K miles.

Cheers, Johnny

Note: To dial these numbers from outside the UK replace the initial 0 with 44 and precede with your country's international direct dial prefix.

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