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What kind of boots should I get?

The Default Ixion Boot seems to be the Altberg Clubman.

A friend of mine (an all-weather biker) recommends Snobo. (whazzat?).
Number of people, Advice
2, Don't but FT
1, Could buy FT - warm but wet and uncomfortable
1, Don't Buy anything with a zip down the back (wet)
1, Avoid zips completely
3, DerriBoots
1, Ex-army boots
2, Diadoras (no good for winter)

uuhhh, wrt the Diadoras I thought we said they were *good* for winter. I certainly had no problems with mine - they never leaked. The only problem you might have is they are a flat sole so if you use a kick start you may want a heel.

PS. Talking about boots, I've got some ex Dutch army sheepskin lined boots which survived the tumble without so much as a scratch. They're also very warm and comfortable and were pretty cheap (20.00) and were in very good condition when I bought them. I don't know how waterproof they are, though.

I keep my walking boots waterproof by oiling 'em, using ordinary vegetable cooking oil. it soaks into the leather, so initially you have to apply every day, bu after about a week or so you can get away with just applying it when the leather starts to look dry. It also keeps the leather nice and supple. I can then walk through water etc without getting wet feet.

Manufactures of motorcyle boots seem to think that we all have wimpy legs. The only decent boots I have found are the Datona Gortex. They do have a reasonable width leg, but unfortunately are only short (this is probably why they fit). I have had mine now for about four years, they are reasonably tough, fully waterproof and very comfortable. However, they are not cheep. I know that Coopers (in Reading) are selling them for about 150 pounds.
The big chunky Ashman boots are wuite generous around the calf - large velcro flaps. My pair were waterproof for the first three years, sadly no more as I found out last night! Worth a look but they arent very subtle!
>  Martin, have you tried on any Prexports?  They don't have zips to fasten
>  them but have two little squares of velcro near the ankle and a bigger patch
>  of velcro for the calves.  Ireckon they might be worth a try because they are
>  fairly adjustable around the calf of the leg.  I got mine from the NEC for
>  about 60 quid.
I have a pair of these. They are very comfortable; in fact Mike Johnson likened them to carpet slippers when he tried mine on. They are absolutely useless at repelling water or cold though, but a pair of thick socks and rubber overboots readily help with this.

Andy E.

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