Ixies on the WWW

Here are some ixi's homepages, with links to the ixion- or bike-specific stuff if you don't want to wade through pages about their babies, cats, basket-weaving hobbies, and IT consultancy.


Ruffle Home
Shez Home (soon)
Adamanda Home; Ixion; Bikes
Stuart Duckworth Home
Mike Fleming Home; Bikes
McFrame Home
Dusty Home; Bikes
Hoddy Home; LAMstuff; Wheelies; OffRoad
Mad Dog Home
Ben Home
Moj Home
Sol Home
Bill Parker Home
Chistopher Pollard Home
Fifi Home
Jeremy Sagar Ixion
Richiemouse Home
Druid Home
Neil The-Hippy Home
Jack Stringer Home; Ixion; Trail Riding
Iain Home; Bikes; Ixion; personal Ixion FAQ; Ixion Tales
Steve & Doc Sarah Home; and their very fab product, the TORC ground anchor - the pinnacle of motorcycle security :-)