Ixion - Lexicon

Ixion has its own language. Entomological researchers[1] have examined the Ixion digests to find who said what first.

Unfortunately the digests only go back to mid-'96, so things which started before then are lost in the mists of time.

Counts of "occurrences" below record the number of times the words have appeared up to mid-July '03 - including quoted text. Other counts don't count quoting.

[1] who have torn themselves away from their beloved creepy crawlies to look at some words
[2] DYF

Spoddy acronyms
Ixies like acronyms. They often aren't explained on first use, you just have to work it out from the context.
(Hint: You can often ignore an 'F' in the acronym, as in RTFM)

See also: Ixion FAQ - TLAs.

Wot When Who Notes
(Don't Ask Me How I Know (I Just Know, OK?))
30 Oct '96 Mark Hodson This is close enough to the beginning of recorded history that Hoddy might've been using it before this date.
(Posey Yuppy Bastard)
26 Jun '97 Richard Moore Richard complained about "posey turtle-backed colour-coordinated yuppie bastards", Alan Frame abbreviated to "posey yuppy bastards", and Richard finally acronymised to "PYB".

(2650 occurrences)

(Rufty Tufty Biker)
8 Jul '97 Jeff Wain "rufty tufty biker" has extra-ixion origin ( Google group search shows first mention on usenet was Mike Fleming in rec.motorcycles on 6 May '96). First use in recorded ixihistory was by Paul Pickerill on 11 Sep '96. Jeff was the first to acronymise to "RTB".

(3160 occurrences)

(Damn You Frame)
13 Mar '98 Peter Marshall See notes on footnotes at the foot.

(750 occurrences)

(I Think You Mean)
4 Jan '99 Mark Hodson (610 occurrences)
(Surf The Web)
19 Dec '00 Alan Frame (680 occurrences)
Mandatory Ixion Reports
Ben Lovejoy posted "Mandatory Ixion-Run Crash Report" and "MIRC" on 5 Apr '98. Since then, folk announcing events to the list have contrived MI...R acronyms. To Jul '03 there have been 257 variations (with "MI...R" as the only word in a message subject). The reports aren't confined to bikey topics (well it is ixion), and we've had Mandatory Ixion Engagement Reports and Mandatory Ixion New Baby Reports.

Of the most common reports, these were the first sightings:

Wot When Who Notes
28 Oct '98 Jim Gillespie (99 messages, 7160 occurrences)
(Near Miss)
28 May '99 Steve Bennett (41 messages, 1050 occurrences)
(New Bike)
1 Aug '99 Martin Plant (162 messages, 4350 occurrences)
Other Stuff
Wot When Who Notes
Wossname 14 Mar '97 Ged Martin Ixies now think of this as a marvinism.
Used 1200 times to Sep '03.
EvilKontraktorSkum 14 Mar '97 George Christofi First acronymised EKS by Patrick Kelly, 24 Apr '98.
ShiteOldBike 8 Oct '97 Adam Curtin First acronymised SOB by Andy Pugh, 10 Nov '97.
I could be Adam 14 Dec '98 Andy Gebhardt (Referring to Adam's signature "I've been wrong before")
used 80 more times to Jul '03.
Looking at bikes 26 Sep '00 Richard Moore Richard was the first to use the phrase on ixion, though it was coined by Mike Howe at Hardraw '00.
9000 pints 3 Jan '01 Robert Cameron ... used 70 more times to Jul '03.
Hmmm, it seems far more, but that's in the spirit of "9000 pints" ;-)
First recorded use of "[1]" was by James Fidell on 22 Sep '95. Alan Frame (now damned as champion of the footnote) first appears with a footnote on 28 Jan '97. On 4 Nov '97, Russell Brown wrote "[3] Damn you Frame", and on 13 Mar '98 Peter Marshall acronymised to "DYF".